Our WEB application for acquisition and analysis of data: W3AD

  W3AD is a set of modules and software components developed by T&T Systems.

The AJAX technology in JAVA/TOMCAT/XML environment was chosen for this purpose.

The system is structured in a modular way, splitting and making independent the various functions.

The front-end (UI) is built with JSP pages and the back-end (elaborative side), data acquisition-restitution and storage-reading data to and from the database, is entrusted to ad-hoc programs built using JAVA or C++ languages (services library).

The AJAX engine through JSP elaborative and dispacher has the role to activate and manages the various services.

The system is open to all data management solutions on the market (ORACLE, MS-SQLSERVER, MYSQL, any file format), and to all the OS (Windows / Linux).